We are very privileged that Champions from all the main UK political parties as well as important and influential figures from media, academia and business are supporting the important work of our 45ers.

Our Champions recognise the importance of engaging young people in the democratic process, and are interested in learning from the insights that our participants gain whilst campaigning in the US.

Each Champion has been generous enough to provide their support to the initiative, whether through speaking at one of our events, or by endorsing our work.
If you are interested in becoming a Champion, please contact Gordon Executive Director of the 45ForThe45th on

Lord Maude

Lord Maude


I am very happy to support the 45ForThe45th programme in its aims to re-enage young people in politics and the importance of voting, I look forward to hearing about the experiences the young people bring back from the states and their ideas for how we can improve things in the UK.

Mayor Jules Pipe – London Borough of Hackney

Mayor Jules Pipe – London Borough of Hackney



Young people are no less passionate now about issues than those generations that came before them – issues that confront themselves, their communities, and wider society. It has become a truism that young people now prefer to express their principles through single-issue campaigning rather than party politics. Yet while much has been said about the dysfunctionality of the political process and practice in the UK and the resulting disengagement of the electorate, there has been little direct intervention attempting to reverse that decline.
The 45 for the 45th is a practical contribution to tackling that failure of leadership – a programme aspiring to re-engage a group of young people through an exciting and positive experience of political campaigning. Through active involvement in the next US Presidential campaign, I hope that 45 for the 45th will create young ambassadors for the practice of politics, who will in turn help to enthuse and convince others of its value.
At the heart of the electoral process should be campaigning for ideas and values that will provide the framework in which personal, community and societal challenges can be resolved. Experiencing another country’s political system will give participants a fresh perspective on the relevance of such party campaigning, not least in relation to the change sought by individual voters. Crucially, being part of the 45th US Presidential campaign will provide volunteers with an unparalleled opportunity to reflect on their potential future participation in our own political structures when back home. The 45 for the 45th can be a catalyst for engaging a new generation in representative democracy and contribute to inspiring much needed participation in the UK electoral process.

Gideon Rachman – FT Leading Foreign Affairs columnist

Gideon Rachman – FT Leading Foreign Affairs columnistTwitter


The first thing that really got me interested in politics was visiting the US in 1976, aged 13, during an American presidential election. There is nothing quite as exciting, engaging and fun as watching a presidential race close up. So I really envy the lucky 45, who will get to participate in the 2016 campaign. I’m sure they will have a wonderful time and will bring some of that sense of excitement and political engagement – back to the UK.

Ben Howlett MP

Ben Howlett MPTwitter


“It is a pleasure to support the work of 45 For The 45th, and to see so many young people engaged in transatlantic politics. Youth voter turnout at UK General Elections has been declining for many years, and we must all do what we can to reverse this worrying trend. The trips that these 18-25 year-olds will be undertaking in 2016 to learn from the US Presidential Election are an exciting opportunity to see up-close and first-hand how our American cousins excite young people about politics, and I hope that the lessons learnt can be brought to bear here in the UK.”

Ed Vaizey MP

Ed Vaizey MPTwitter


“I am thrilled to be a champion for “45forthe45th”. I think it is a great initiative as the importance of youth involvement in community activity cannot be underestimated. I will be very interested in the follow up paper which is proposed and learning about the experiences of those who have been involved. “

Stewart McDonald MP

Stewart McDonald MPTwitter

Ben Page  CEO Ipsos Mori

Ben Page CEO Ipsos MoriTwitter

John McTernan – Political commentator

John McTernan – Political commentatorTwitter




Politics isn’t dull – except when political parties make it so. This is an exciting project to involve young people in finding ways to return vitality to the debates which are vital for our future.

Chris Leslie MP

Chris Leslie MPFacebookTwitter

“There can be few more momentous world political events than the run-up to a Presidential election in the US, so giving young people from the UK a glimpse into this is a great idea – I wish I’d had the opportunity on offer in this scheme!”.

Lord AdonisTwitter


“45forthe45th is an exciting and important project. An engaged and welleducated populace is critical to a functioning democracy”.

Lord Adebowale

Lord AdebowaleTwitter

“I am really pleased to champion this and look forward to hearing from those who take part and how we can support more young people to understand how the country’s run and get involved.”

Professor Tim Bale, Queen Mary, University of LondonTwitter



“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get an inside track on US politics and then bring back some ideas that might make a difference in the UK”.

Baroness Eaton


“45forthe45th is a great idea with amazing people signed to the programme and such important lessons to learn from the US. I look forward to hearing their ideas on how we can improve young people’s turnout in elections in the UK”.

The Rt. Hon. David Miliband

The Rt. Hon. David MilibandTwitter

“This is a special opportunity for young people to learn about politics in the US – good and bad! There is nothing like a Presidential Campaign”.

Gary Browning – CEO Penna

Gary Browning – CEO PennaTwitter

This is an innovative and inspiring initiative to engage the youth of this country in the political process and debate.  After all, who more than the younger population have the most to gain from a vibrant and representative democratic process.  It is so important that we think about relevance to this group  and we are delighted to be supporting 45forthe45th in this mission

Rt. Hon John Bercow MP – Speaker of the House

Rt. Hon John Bercow MP – Speaker of the House

“Young people are the next generation of political leaders and whatever they can learn at home of abroad can only be healthy for the future of our democracy”.

Rt. Hon Tim Farron, MP – Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Rt. Hon Tim Farron, MP – Leader of the Liberal DemocratsTwitter

“If you give young people a hand in politics, and an ownership of politics, then you’re going to end up with a healthier, more vibrant and stronger democracy”.

Sir Simon Burns MP

Sir Simon Burns MP

“I am delighted to support this excellent initiative. It will provide a fascinating and practical insight into the American political system in the run up to a crucial and fascinating election in 2016 and hopefully inspire young people to become more engaged in British politics.”.