The challenges facing the UK are unprecedented, and the country needs young people engaged in politics and democracy in order to solve them.


45ForThe45th is tackling the political disillusionment of youth in the UK. Through a bespoke education programme intertwined with the 2016 US Presidential election, we are enabling 45 young people aged 18-25 to learn how to motivate and mobilise young voters.


These young people – the 45ers will learn about political campaigning at all levels, including at the grassroots. They’ll gain an unprecedented insight into the tools, techniques and challenges of engaging young people.


The 45ers will then present a set of recommendations to UK political parties, setting out what must be done in order to engage young people in the political and democratic process here in the UK.


“There can be few more momentous world political events than the run-up to a Presidential election in the US, so giving young people from the UK a glimpse into this is a great idea - I wish I’d had the opportunity on offer in this scheme!”. Chris Leslie MP
“I am delighted to support this excellent initiative. It will provide a fascinating and practical insight into the American political system in the run up to a crucial and fascinating election in 2016 and hopefully inspire young people to become more engaged in British politics.” . Sir Simon Burns MP
“45forthe45th is an exciting and important project. An engaged and welleducated populace is critical to a functioning democracy”. Lord Adonis
“I am really pleased to champion this and look forward to hearing from those who take part and how we can support more young people to understand how the country’s run and get involved.” Lord Adebowale
“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get an inside track on US politics and then bring back some ideas that might make a difference in the UK” . Professor Tim Bale, Queen Mary, University of London
“45forthe45th is a great idea with amazing people signed to the programme and such important lessons to learn from the US. I look forward to hearing their ideas on how we can improve young people’s turnout in elections in the UK” . Baroness Eaton
“If you give young people a hand in politics, and an ownership of politics, then you're going to end up with a healthier, more vibrant and stronger democracy” . Tim Farron, MP
“Young people are the next generation of political leaders and whatever they can learn at home of abroad can only be healthy for the future of our democracy” . John Bercow MP
"This is a special opportunity for young people to learn about politics in the US - good and bad! There is nothing like a Presidential Campaign". The Rt. Hon. David Miliband